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5 Benefits of Blogging For Your Local Business

Have you ever been told that you need to create a blog for your NZ business? Not sure why or how they can benefit you? Continue reading as we cover 5 reasons why you might want to start a blog.

1. Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

2. Boost Search Engine Optimization and Appear at the top of Google

3. Develop Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers

4. Connect People to Your Brand

5. Create Opportunities For Sharing

Blogs, what are they and how do they benefit your local business?

A blog in the traditional sense is a part of the website where a person can share information and stories in an informal and conversational style.

This less taxing form of writing also benefits from the fact that implementing and adding a blog post to your website is much easier than building out a full page on your website and anyone that can use a computer can start a blog – on their existing website or on a new blog entirely.

But what do you stand to benefit from starting a blog on your business website? 

We all know writing isn’t easy nor do most of us enjoy writing, be it that we have no idea what to write about or simply have no idea how to stretch out a topic for a full blog posts worth of content.

The good news is that those obstacles are easily overcome once you learn a few basic steps to writing a blog and once you learn about the benefits of writing a blog, you’ll be eager to get started write away (see what I did there ;-)).

The 5 Benefits of Blogging For Your Business Are:

1. Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

Establish Trust, become a "thought leader", and develop authority in your industry - But most importantly, make users remember and come back to you as the expert.

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This benefit is deeply layered and one that provides a whole raft of value to your business as it not only builds trust with future and existing clients but also establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. 

What this means is that by putting out valuable and expert information about topics in your field, your website (and your brand) will start to stand out as an expert leader in its field. People will start visiting your website for information and most likely use your services as they will see your blog content, see you understand their problems better than anyone else and will likely convert into a paying customer.

With enough helpful and relevant content on your blog, you will be seen as an industry leader and an authority. This will not only help with business but also help you appear in Google, which leads me to the next point.

2. Boost Search Engine Optimisation and Appear at the top of Google

Google, dominating 96% of the entire search market. To be visible for people looking for answers, services, products, & more, you need to be at the top of Google.

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One of the best ways to increasing your customer base and making that phone ring is by appearing at the top of Google. 

Imagine this: People search for a builder or plumber, you appear at the top and boom, they visit your site over anyone else’s.

They read your blog, see you know what you are talking about and get in touch.

A perfect lead.

All for zero money or advertising.

Of course getting to the top is no easy feat and even our Director of Search here at Ryze still has days where he scratches his head in wonder at Google’s search protocol but there is some good news.

For local SEO (search engine optimisation), one of the best ways to help boost your position in the SERPS (search engine results page) is by starting a blog on your website as you are filling out your website with relevant and helpful content on your chosen niche. 

This in term gains traffic (people visiting your site), social shares and combined with the information itself, Google starts to see you are a trusted leader in this field and puts your higher up the results page.

Google is focused on providing it’s users with the best and most relevant information for any search term, so it needs to trust a website before it puts it at the top.

By writing a blog and filling it with great content that people love, you are telling Google your website can be trusted and they will reward you with a position at the top.

3. Develop Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers

By starting a blog on your website you are helping to build relationships with potential and existing customers.

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By starting a blog on your website you are helping to build relationships with potential and existing customers. One of the biggest focuses of modern businesses is to shake off the corporate mask and appear more human to customers. Clients crave one to one conversation with brands as it makes you appear human and therefore more trusted to do business with.

When you write your blog in a conversational style that is easy to read and empathetic, you are making your clients feel like they are having a chat with a friend rather than reading a sterile block of text on the computer. 

To further increase the relationship established with your writing, you can ask questions in your blog or encourage your visitors to leave a comment to start a conversation with them. This will help build rapport with your clients and help win them over to your business over competitors.

4. Connect People to Your Brand

Interesting, personal, and relatable content helps connect people to your brand and allow you to show them a more "human" side of your business.

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By writing your blog and filling it with interesting and personal content from your end of the business, you will help potential clients see a side of your business that is otherwise hidden in outbound marketing techniques (paid advertising.) 

By establishing a public image and showing how you conduct your business behind the scenes, your clients will start to see you as a human just like them, that has a family, concerns, problems and worries and is not just out to make money.

This sort of content goes a long way towards building trust with a cold prospect and helps them see you as a business or trade that they’d like to hire or purchase from

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5. Create Opportunities For Sharing

Quality content leads to more people wanting to link (reference) it, and share it on social platforms. This can lead to more views and potential customers.

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In today’s world, everything is social and online. We have profiles on at least 3 different social networks whether they be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we fill those accounts with stuff we love, have done and most importantly things that interest us.

Your blog will be filled with interesting and helpful information that will make your visitors want to share it amongst their circles, this will help you gain more visitors to your site and also tell Google that your content is great and can be trusted, hence a boost in the SERPS.

With your website being shared all over the internet and getting talked about, it will help build your name and create brand awareness that you likely would not have had otherwise. 


Blogging for your business can be a lot of work, but the effort can really pay off. You want to ensure that what you put out is actually valuable, useful, and serves a purpose to benefit you in one way or another. Otherwise, there is no point in doing one at all.

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Today we looked at the benefits of blogging for your business website and the various ways that help your business overall.

From establishing trust in Google and other search engines to helping potential clients see you as a trusted source of information and an industry leader, the benefits of blogging are numerous and far-reaching.

If you are looking to increase your business this year and create a loyal following of customers then there is no better way to do it than starting a blog on your website.

Ryze has an experienced team in creating blog content and if you require any help with your blogging strategy or simply want us to write it for you, get in touch today to see how we can start turning your local business into a nationwide Industry Expert.

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