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  • Professional Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Developing Online Store
  • Google AdWords (Setup+Management)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


The Ebike Team is Auckland’s premier seller of electric bicycles and official distributor of eZee electric bikes for New Zealand. They sell and service a very large range of electric bikes, offering many makes and models that can’t be found anywhere else in New Zealand.

The Ebike Team is run by Maurice Wells and his small team of electric bike experts. Maurice completed a thesis on ebikes and battery design and is a passionate believer in this mode of transport solving many of the traffic problems we face today. Especially in Auckland!


The ebike team was after a full scale digital marketing solution to help boost sales and establish themselves as a popular name in the ebike niche. They already had a reputation before we came onboard but the aim was to double down and grow the brand even bigger.

Before any marketing work was done, the existing website needed a serious overhaul as it was dated and built on aging design principles. We also wanted to send new leads to an exciting and functioning website to help with conversion rates and customer retention.

Once we knew what Maurice was after in terms of design, our designer came up with various concepts that eventually turned into what we have today. Fast forward a few months of development time and building an ecom store right into the new site, we launched!

Since time of launch, website traffic has doubled in comparison to a similar timescale on the old site and this is before the marketing has even begun!

Once we kick-off our Google Ads campaign and dig into some proper SEO, we expect the results to be even greater.

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