Is Email Marketing Dead?

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Why should you think about email marketing?

It serves as an effective communication tool to get in touch with your customers; it helps in enhancing the communication between you and your target audience; it can easily reach a wider audience.

Email marketing is one of the most effective channel to communicate with customers. It helps you grab your audience's attention and helps you grab their trust. But the question is, what is email marketing? How does email marketing help an organization? What are the benefits? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are at the right place.

Katherine is someone that I've been admiring online for a few years now. She runs her own agency helping businesses with Copyrighting and Email marketing

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Kat responds: It's really interesting, you know. It's been around for a long time now. We have different tools out there like Slack & Zoom, which help manage internal communications. But nothing seems to be dealing with the problems of external communication well enough - the way people are getting bombarded with emails, we understand what it's like to have marketing emails coming in without breaks! What if instead of promoting deals and discounts all the time, businesses gave something that would genuinely interest their customers? If businesses did this, Email is not dead if they just bombard customers with discounts then Yes, it’s very much dead!

What are some good ways of doing Email Marketing?

It depends on the kind of business you run, but typically you want to offer your customers some special incentive to sign up for your list and stay subscribed. You can use a lead magnet like a PDF report or checklist, or maybe even a discount on a product (like an e-book) if someone subscribes and gives their name and email address. You can also do what we call value-based offers; we give away something that has value – like a free lesson – in exchange for giving us some basic details so we know who you are as well as your interests.

What is an email sequence?

A good email strategy should entail a series of iterative emails that lead your customers toward the intended outcome. It's called a sequenced email because it includes sequences or batches of related communications that unfold sequentially over time. A sequence varies in length, but most are three to fifteen emails, depending on what they’re leading up to. Your welcome sequence is an introduction to you and your business for new leads.

Katherine continues: "So any good email strategy needs a really good welcome sequence. Welcome sequences anywhere between three to sometimes 15 emails, just depending on the complexity of what you're doing.

It's an introduction to you, your story, how you're different to your competitors. It may have a discount in with baked within that or a call to  action backed within that. So it takes people on the brand journey, right, and makes them feel welcome in your business.

From there, it's a case of nurturing that relationship and looking after them and not spamming them with promotional discount offers every single day.
Like I know I get emails from some brands, it's just 30% off today, 20% tomorrow and you get some fatigue around that.

Where the magic happens is when you can identify beliefs, false beliefs in your audience around your product, and you try and shift beliefs to get them to understand what they need to believe to buy your product and that's a little bit technical from copy writing perspective, but it's a transformational message. 

So you want to show them transformation through your email marketing and there's various ways that you do that from a copyright technical copywriting perspective."

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Topics Covered (highlights)

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Is Email Marketing Dead? 02:30

Do Young People Check Email? 04:12

What are some of the right ways of doing Email Marketing? 4:40

What is transformational messaging? 6:16

How Would Email Marketing Work For Charitable Organizations? 08:52

Before doing email marketing, what are some things people need to do first?11:52

SMS has the potential to take over Email Marketing 17:51

Is an email list all that is needed to start doing email marketing? 18:51 

How does someone get in contact with Kat 20:55

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