Eyes on Ryze - Ryze 2.0 is Officially Official

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Eyes on Ryze - Ryze 2.0 is Officially Official

Welcome to our Company Blog.

As a team, we value transparency, honesty, belly laughter and good old human feeling. Sharing our company story is important to us. We feel compelled to share our highs, our lows, our wins, our losses, and our learnings; we want to be a case study of our own, if you will. What's more, we want to share our story with you in real(ish) time through monthly instalments.

So, settle in and enjoy it! 


ISSUE #2 Ryze 2.0 is Officially Official!


So, if you’re reading this edition of Eyes on Ryze, you’ll know that something significant has happened - we’ve launched our new website (woohoo!), and we’re stepping out in a smokin new look! 

What a process - the rebrand was a piece of (outsourced) cake, more on that later, but the website, that was a whole can of worms that tested the depths of our patience. We were a little too close to the source and may or may not have over-thought pretty much every decision we made. Once the fatigue set in and we let go of the steering wheel, beautiful things evolved, and we made some progress. Real progress! Same address, new look - and we’re super proud of the renovation!

Of course, we’re the first to admit that a website is nothing without some killer branding! Luckily for us, we have a branding expert on speed dial! Adele Gannaway is the genius behind DELSKE Creative. She can quickly and instinctively interpret a brief, is great to bounce ideas off, and defines what it means to work collaboratively. We have seen first-hand the work Adele has done for some of our clients. She has effortlessly transformed dull, characterless brands into edgy, professional, and meaningful representations of not only the company but its people. Adele’s first draft of our rebrand was on point. She immediately understood our vision and was faultless in executing a rebranding rollout across our marketing collateral. We’ve got the vibrating heart emoji for Adele!

So, slick website design, tick that box. Great branding, double tick. Professional images in a fantastic setting - enter Kouki Photography and Fantail Farm. I want to think that we’re a good looking bunch of peeps in our own right, but grab an experienced photographer with a top of the line lens, and our looks had nothing to do with it! Mike Kouk, the man behind the camera, is an intuitive photographer. Stepping onto a set of strangers, he calmly and professionally put his talent to work and began writing a story with his lens.  He captured so many candid exchanges, but most importantly, he captured the heart of Ryze. 

eyes-on-ryze-image-1An incredible setting can be a powerful vehicle for inspiring your team; this has never been more evident than the experience we shared at Fantail Farm. Tucked away in a quiet valley, we gathered our people together to add the final touches to Ryze 2.0 and celebrate our achievements as a newly created entity. The day followed a purposeful plan. As we struck items off our day’s schedule - photoshoot, branding review, document signing and lunch - the tranquillity of Fantail Farm restored our energy. It reminded us to acknowledge our successes and progress. 

With all the excitement of the new website and branding filling our cup, we’re very clear on who we are and what kind of company we want to be. So, it’s with certainty that we share - we are a team of like-minded individuals with a shared and unstoppable drive to do better, best, more. We are motivated by mighty dreams and stories with unpredictable endings. Our skills are the tools of change-makers, with which we build the doors upon which opportunity knocks!

We work with heart and integrity and put our people first.

Welcome to our whānau. Welcome to Ryze!

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