World Toilet Organization with Board Member, Trudi Bishop

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World Toilet Organization with Board Member, Trudi Bishop

I'm joined by Trudy Bishop who runs her own consultancy. Bee licensing, advising on product marketing strategies and and brand licensing partnerships. After 25 years overseas she is now back in Aotearoa New Zealand. She met Jack Sim, the CEO of the World Toilet Organization, at a sustainability environmental conference in Madrid. She is a current director on the board 

What is the World Toilet Organisation

The World Toilet Organization is a global non-profit corporation. The primary objective is to work for the widespread social recognition of toilets as a human right, and a fundamental requirement for the dignity, health and quality of life of every person on the planet. 

The organisation promotes sanitation advocacy from an international level all the way down to local communities in various parts of the world. It supports research into better technologies that can be further integrated with existing sanitation programs, product development and support through education, training and market development.

Taking the TABOO our of POO

Trudi explains in the interview the CEO’s goal, she states: Jack wanted to take the TABOO out of POO as he says, because it's not a sexy topic that people don't want to talk about. Unlike clean water which tends to be the one that gets all the money and tends to get all the press because it's a much easier topic to talk about and get celebrities involved.

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