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National Hauora Coalition

Want to know how we helped NHC reach hapū māmā on Facebook? Let's just say it involved a lot of data, creativity, and maybe a few cups of coffee.


Cracking the Code: How We Helped NHC Engage with Hapū Māmā on Facebook

When NHC needed to connect with hapū māmā on Facebook, we knew we had to put our thinking caps on. We searched far and wide for the key to reaching this special group of superheroes - and boy, did we find it!

We used our digital marketing magic to understand what would really spark their interest. With a little bit of Māori ingenuity, we helped NHC develop a powerful Facebook ad strategy that hit the spot with hapū māmā - no superpowers required!

Our approach was simple yet effective:

  • We started by developing targeted ad creative that was engaging and resonated with NHC's target audience
  • We also worked with NHC to create a content strategy for social posts, email, and website that would supplement their Facebook ad campaign

But we didn't stop there.

  • We provided regular performance updates and suggestions for improvement to ensure that NHC's campaign was always on track.

It was like a hīkoi to the top of a maunga - the results were epic!

NHC went from struggling to soaring....

Achieving their desired outcomes and making a difference in the lives of hapū māmā.

What Our Whānau Said?

We were new to Facebook advertising and Ryze really simplified the process and made it less daunting. We received regular updates to let us know how our ads were performing and made suggestions for how we could increase our reach to hapū māmā.
Penny Elliot
Communications Advisor | National Hauora Coalition
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Ryze helped NHC to achieve increased engagement, higher ad performance, and improved ROI through a successful Facebook advertising campaign targeting hapū māmā.

  1. Increased engagement: The campaign successfully engaged the target audience of hapū māmā, leading to increased engagement rates and improved visibility for NHC.
  2. Higher ad performance: Through a combination of strategic ad targeting, creative development, and regular performance monitoring, we were able to achieve higher ad performance than NHC had previously experienced.
  3. Improved ROI: By using data-driven decision-making and regularly optimizing the campaign for better performance, we were able to improve the overall return on investment (ROI) for NHC. This allowed them to see a greater impact from their advertising spend and achieve their goals more effectively.
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