Web Design

Te Hauora o Ngāti Rārua

THONR's website was holding them back, so we built them a faster, sleeker one.


Te Hauora o Ngāti Rārua (THONR), a Blenheim-based organisation providing social and health services, came to us with a broken website.

Like a sausage and bread without Watties tomato sauce, it just wasn't working. And to make matters worse, it was old and outdated.

We knew we had to help them, and quick!

Branding Superheroes to the Rescue: Helping THONR Find Their True Colours

There were no brand guidelines to follow, but that didn't stop us from being branding superheroes!

We hopped on a few zoom sessions with the team at THONR to understand what they needed.

We knew we had to align their website with the iwi organisation, so we used similar colours from their branding to make sure it all looked nice and snazzy.

Our Plan of Attack: How We Saved THONR Website from the Brink of Disaster

Once we knew what they wanted, we gathered our team of experts to come up with a plan to nail the website.

Our design team created a unique look that wowed their internal team and board - they were so impressed, they even gave us a virtual high five!

To fix the broken contact form, we created a temporary homepage, while continuing with the development of the rest of the website.

Writing Copy that's as Fresh as a Blenheim Breeze: How We Told THONR's Story

Our copywriting team put on their thinking caps and wrote copy that resonated with THONR's audience.

And our dev team worked tirelessly to deliver on the outcomes, while also making sure there were no technical hiccups.

What Our Whānau Said?

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The results are in, and they're as sweet as a freshly-picked feijoa!

With our branding and web design superpowers, we transformed THONR's broken and outdated website into a sleek and modern masterpiece.

  • Improved Functionality, No More Broken Sausages: We fixed the broken contact form on THONR's website, ensuring that their visitors could easily get in touch with them.
  • A Look That Wows: Our design team created a unique and visually stunning website that not only wowed THONR's internal team and board, but also helped them stand out in a crowded online space.
  • Compelling Copywriting: Our copywriting team crafted messaging that resonated with THONR's audience, telling their story in a way that was as fresh as a cool breeze blowing through the Marlborough Sounds.

Now, THONR's website is a true reflection of who they are and what they do, and they're better equipped to serve their community with top-notch social and health services.

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