Facebook Ads

Te Manu Toroa

This is the story of how we helped Te Manu Toroa reach new heights with an impactful Facebook Ads campaign.

Te Kiritaki (The Client)

Te Manu Toroa (the albatross that glides across the ocean) provides a kaupapa Māori health care model that links services to Māori in the Western Bay of Plenty region. This valuable organisation, originally known as Western Iwi Health, was established in 1997.

Ngā Take (The Problem)

But here's the twist: Te Manu Toroa found themselves in a pickle despite being a beacon in the community. Local whānau knew they existed but were in the dark about the services they offered. It was like having a hidden treasure but forgetting to draw the map for everyone else. They needed to bridge this gap and shout from the rooftops about the fantastic health services they provide.

Te Whakaaroaro (The Thinking)

Identifying two main goals – boosting immunisations and increasing enrollments for Mirimiri (massage therapy) – crucial pillars for healthier communities — the thinking was to dive into a social media strategy that would put them in front of the very whānau they were trying to reach.

Ngā Mahi (The Work)

With a leap of faith, they launched a Facebook ads campaign directed at people searching for mirimiri (massage) or immunisation information. It was like casting a wide net into the social media ocean filled where the fish that were running were the ones they needed to catch.

What Our Whānau Said?

Ryze offered us advice on how we could grow our web traffic and boost engagement on our social media channels. Their kaupapa Māori perspective was important for us. Mahi pai.
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Ngā Putanga (The Results)

Would you believe it? The response was overwhelming! The community's response was so massive that they had to hit the brakes on the ads just one day into the campaign.

This case study isn't just a tale; it's a testament to the power of knowing where your people hang out and reaching them in a way that resonates. Te Manu Toroa didn't just spread their wings; they soared high, bringing their services to the forefront of their community's minds; this is a true example of how a bit of strategic thinking can yield results.

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