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The Haka Experience

This is the story of how we helped a husband and wife team, Tapeta and Annette Wehi, take their Māori cultural experiences to the world.


Let's talk about how we helped Te Wehi Haka - The Haka Experience take their business from zero to hero.

They came to us with no online presence, no phone number, and no idea how to navigate the digital world. But don't worry, we were on the case!

Discovery and Research: Getting to Know Our Whanau:

We put on our thinking caps and got to work.

We made a plan to launch their brand fast, and we had to make sure everyone understood what they did. They deliver professional Māori cultural experiences, designed for corporates and events. That's fancy talk for powhiri and cultural workshops - pretty cool stuff!

Implementation: Bringing the Plan to Life:

First up, we made them a new website and set up their social media pages. We even taught Tapeta how to go live!

We also used HubSpot to track leads and show them how well they were doing. Plus, we did some fancy SEO magic to get their website ranking high on Google.

And to top it off, we ran branding campaigns on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

What Our Whānau Said?

Ryze has created a digital world that has put our business on the map. They have added authentic value to our digital needs and created a platform that has taken our reach far beyond our expectations. Thanks to the incredibly passionate team at Ryze, a digital world captivating the true essence of what our business has to offer has truly come to life.
Tapeta Wehi
Te Wehi Haka - The Haka Experience
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Get a load of this! Te Wehi Haka - The Haka Experience went from no online presence to hitting their revenue goal in just 13 months - that's faster than you can say 'Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu'!

And they're not just any old business, they've worked with big names like Vodafone, Fonterra, and Fisher & Paykel.

Now, they're leading the way in their market space, bringing a fresh and purposeful approach to Māori cultural experiences.

All we can say is, watch out world, Te Wehi Haka is here to stay!"

  • Te Wehi Haka - The Haka Experience went from zero to hero in just 13 months
  • They worked with big companies like Vodafone, Fonterra, and Fisher & Paykel
  • They're leading the way in Māori cultural experiences and taking the world by storm!

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