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Tipene Funerals

Bringing a funeral home website back to life with some digital magic.


Tipene Funerals, run by the dynamic duo Francis & Kaiora Tipene, needed a website update - and fast.

Their website was slower than a snail on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and it was in desperate need of a makeover. Plus, with their Netflix debut looming, they needed something stable and reliable that could handle the increased traffic.

Getting to Know the Tipene Funerals Whānau

Tipene Funerals had some clear needs: they needed a website that was easy to update, lightning-fast, and had the capacity to handle all the traffic their TV show would bring.

Our team worked closely with them to create a plan of action that would address these needs and more.

Bringing Tipene Funeral's Website Back to Life

We got to work like the Hetets' weaving a kete, making some serious changes.

We built a new website in just 6 weeks - that's faster than a kōtare (kingfisher) diving for its lunch!

We added sections for their TV series, caskets, and team profiles that were easy for Kaiora to update.

And we made sure the website was stable and monitored so it wouldn't crash again - talk about peace of mind!

What Our Whānau Said?

We love our new website. It helps us support those looking for our services in their time of need by being user-friendly, illustrates our professionalism and represents who we are as a team. Thanks, Ryze!
Francis Tipene
Owner & Director - Tipene Funerals
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The new and improved Tipene Funerals website is as fast as Usain Bolt, and it can handle more traffic than a packed All Blacks game at Eden Park.

Not only that, but all enquiries can now be tracked and handled through the website - no more lost emails or phone calls!

Here are three key points to sum it up:

  • The website loads quicker than you can say 'fush and chups'
  • It can handle 50 times more traffic than the previous website, which is like fitting the whole of Onehunga into Eden Park!
  • Francis and Kaiora now have peace of mind knowing that all enquiries are easily tracked and handled through the website. No more stress, just rest.
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