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Tipene Funerals

Bringing a funeral home website back to life with some digital magic.

Te Kiritaki (The Client)

Tipene Funerals is proud to be a family-owned and operated funeral service business that supports whānau from all walks of life to celebrate the lives of loved ones passed. Kaiora and Francis Tipene, the charismatic duo behind the brand, also star in the hit TV show, The Casketeers.

Ngā Take (The Problem)

Kaiora and Francis knew they would receive increased attention once the show aired. In today’s digitised world, this means only one thing: lots of traffic to their website. The problem, however, was that their site was slower than a lazy Sunday afternoon and would fail to keep pace with their rising star.

Issues were already piling up, online enquiries were disappearing into the abyss, broken links were leading visitors nowhere, and the site would often go offline due to limiting visitor capacity numbers. With their digital waka taking on water, Kaiora reached out to Ryze for a lifeline.

Te Whakaaroaro (The Thinking)

The Tipene whānau needed a platform as reliable and welcoming as their service - a platform that wouldn’t falter under the gaze of their growing audience.

Our goal was clear: build a digital waka that would stand up against the tide of online visitors and uphold the brand’s integrity.

Before the real mahi could begin, we applied some immediate fixes. We fixed the online contact form so every enquiry landed in the right hands and mended all those broken links.

Ngā Mahi (The Work)

In just six weeks, we created a new website. Incorporating elements close to the Tipene's hearts - their TV series, caskets and team profiles - we built a space they could proudly call their own. Ensuring every aspect was easy to navigate and update, we delivered a resilient and future-proofed website.

Built on today’s foundations but designed for tomorrow’s needs, their new waka was ready to ride the digital seas.

What Our Whānau Said?

We love our new website. It helps us support those looking for our services in their time of need by being user-friendly, illustrates our professionalism and represents who we are as a team. Thanks, Ryze!
Francis Tipene
Owner & Director - Tipene Funerals
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Ngā Putanga (The Results)

The new website, a pillar of speed and stability, welcomes 50 times the traffic it once could, with pages loading in the blink of an eye (from 25s down to 2.5s). 

Every enquiry and every message of condolence and support, now finds its way, ensuring no gesture of aroha goes unnoticed. 

The Tipene’s website now stands as a symbol of connection and the undying spirit of community. It’s a testament to what we stand for at Ryze: enhancing the mana of those who help others by ensuring they achieve digital excellence.

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